Winter Wonderland ... In June - June 2017

To celebrate our last "anniversary" before getting married next spring, Bri and I (and dog) decided to head to the mountains for an evening at the cabin and lake-side cocktails in Tahoe. On our trip to Tahoe there was an abnormal cold front from the Gulf of Alaska swinging through California. There was a chance of snow, along with the possibility of a thunderstorm.  So, thunder-snow and Wet Woody hunting for the afternoon...perfect. 

We stopped in at Yuba Gap to check in on a campsite that I have been eyeballing on a local lake. The campsite was nice, and the biggest perk was the snow shower that started, with booming thunder to accompany it. My inner weather nerd was beyond stoked. The ladies were quite happy to get out and play in the forest together.

We continued in to N. Lake Tahoe to one of my favorite places to enjoy some great cocktails on the lake. It was a weird feeling having it be sub-40º in the beginning of June. On the one hand, I wanted a refreshing blended drink, and the other a warm cocktail. So, we compromised. She would have the warm, and I would have the blended. See? All bases covered! When we left, we headed West towards Tahoe City, and the snow started coming down harder than some storms in the middle of winter. As we drove down Highway 89 things turned into a winter wonderland between Tahoe City and Truckee. We took a short detour to check on a gate that had been locked last fall before plowing through to Truckee. But by the time we got there, the snow had lifted and there were blue skies. All in a freak California day! 


We made it through the only June snowstorm that I have ever been in, back down to out cabin in the foothills just in time for a cold beer and an amazing chicken pot pie for dinner. Even though it was a short weekend adventure, it was well worth the trip. 

Max Sheehan