A New Year in the Mountains - January 2017

[Originally posted 01/03/2017]

My girlfriend and I decided to start the new year with a trip to the mountains. We left the Bay Area early on the first to get to the cabin with time left to enjoy the day. When we arrived, we lit a fire in the old country stove to heat the cabin.

Pup naturally found her spot in front of the fire

I made dinner on my new Tembo Tusk Skottle. Fajitas! This thing is going to transform camp cooking for me. I just need to learn how to cook on it. I have a lot of practicing to do… And eating!

The next morning we awoke to snow falling. The cabin is around 2k feet elevation, so snow is a once a year event. We got large, lofty flakes. A good sign for the rest of the day on the mountain.

Coffee was in our cups, we were on the road. Mountain bound to Truckee for the day.

My sister happened to be heading down the mountain from Tahoe with her boyfriend, so we met on a snowy side road to say hi, and Happy New Year. He had just purchased a new Subaru Crosstrek and was loving it’s snow performance.

Truckee had some light and fluffy powder. So before lunch at a local cafe, we let Maeve out to enjoy some snow time with her toy. When I got her, I really didn’t expect her to enjoy being in the snow, but she goes crazy!

We tooled around in Truckee for a short while before heading out to find some untouched snow. We found it!

With more weather closing in, we decided it was best to head back to the cabin. Unfortunately the weather, combined with traffic from folks leaving the Tahoe area turned a 1 hour drive in to a 3 and a half hour crawl. We played some puzzler games in the car to pass the time, drank some hot chocolate, and made it home late. All worth it for a day in the snow.


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