HID Low Beam Installation

I gifted myself a set of Xtreme HID's for the low beams on the 4Runner. I really like the ability to see as much as I can on the road, and once I saw the light output from my dad's GX (which is LED, but still much brighter) I knew that an upgrade was in order. After reviewing my options, I settled on the Xtreme HID kit, with the Philips bulbs.

Parts used:

Xenon Depot Xtreme HID H11 kit

Drill of choice

Milwaukee #9 step drill bit

Scotch Extreme Fasteners

Knee Deep Brewing Midnight Hoppyness

Everything laid out (including the fuses, which I didn't use)

Everything laid out (including the fuses, which I didn't use)

I took off the plastic cover for the radiator, not knowing whether or not I would need to. To install the kit, you do not NEED to pull this piece off, but in the end I used two of the fastener holes on the outside to zip tie the wiring into a secure position.

I removed the negative battery terminal, and removed one side of the battery restraint to move it towards the engine, giving me a bit more space to access the light housing

I removed the dust cap covers and drilled two 1-1/16" holes dead center. I used a Milwaukee #9 step drill. I have found that they work very well with plastic materials and producing a very clean hole. It also allows you to start with a slightly smaller hole and make it gradually larger to make sure there is a snug fit. Drilling is always hard to do on a new truck, but that's what the beer is for.

I then fed the wiring through the hole, and secured the grommet. Interestingly, I read many on this forum that didn't like the idea of drilling the hole in the cap because it would compromise the sealing ability of the housing (dust, water, etc.). What I found interesting was that in the bottom of the same housing, Toyota uses the same style grommet boot to bring the factory wiring into the housing. It would seem that this kit would not compromise any of the sealing ability in the housing than what Toyota had already installed. I didn't snap a photo, but I might remove the cap and take one to add later.

I then installed the bulbs into the housing and hooked everything up to determine if I would need to reverse the polarity on the harness as indicated in the instructions.

Turns out the system fired right up with no wire swap needed.

Clean up time. I used Scotch Extreme Fasteners to secure the ballast and harness to the inner fender sheet metal. The kit came with a double sided 3M product, but I like the idea of being able to remove the ballasts easily if needed down the road. They are rated to hold 2lbs/sq. inch and seem to hold very well. After driving around, they show no signs of moving.

Passenger side (note the zip tie holding the harness to the radiator valence/support as mentioned in the beginning)

Driver side (note the zip tie holding the harness to the radiator valence/support as mentioned in the beginning)

Now for some comparisons

The photos show some of the difference, but don't do enough justice. Driving on the road, this upgrade is something that should have been included from the factory. Night and day difference. I am very happy with the product, and the outcome.



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