Power Tray / Switch Pro SP-9100 Installation

A few months ago, I decided that I needed to organize all of the wiring I had done to date into an effective electrical system that would be functional and safe. To achieve this, I would start with a Power Tray to use as the backbone for my accessories. For my switched accessories, I purchased a Switch Pro SP-9100 which allows for up to 8 outputs and a lot of customization for each output. I also really like it's low profile control panel that fits in well with the rest of the Toyota interior. Lastly, for my constant hot power I would be using a Blue Sea 6 slot fuse block to safely distribute power in the 4Runner. For more information on my installation, please visit Trail4R.com to read the entire installation write up written and photographed by me! 

Power Tray / Switch Pro SP-9100 Full Installation

Max SheehanComment