Product Review - Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

With a new 4Runner in my life and a lot of places to see, I knew that the first and most important upgrade was a new set of tires. I wanted a tire that would cover rugged terrain in varying conditions while still remaining civil enough on the road for the long hauls from where I live to where the dirt starts.

Que the Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx.

Stuck between a mud-terrain and an all-terrain style tire, the S/T Maxx skillfully balances the duties of both an on-road and off-road performer. With a tough carcass at its heart, the tire delivers confidence on the trail even in the toughest conditions.

I have had these tires on the 4Runner for the last 3 years in the 275/70R17 size and have covered fifty-five thousand miles. Based on where I have been with them I’ll break down my thoughts into a few basic categories: on-road performance, off-road performance, and long-term wear.

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Max SheehanComment