Product Review - Indeflate Tire System


The formula is simple: air down when the pavement ends. This step is crucial to a successful adventure and can be the deciding factor in whether or not you’ll drive through or be stopped on the trail.

A lower tire pressure helps maintain the trail and your vehicle by absorbing bumps/washboards that would normally rattle you to death.

Something equally as important to airing down is getting back to highway pressure when it’s time to head back home. This improves vehicle handling/safety and reduces wear on your expensive tires.

When I first saw Indeflate’s two tire inflation/deflation product and watched reviews on it from other parts of the world, it seemed to check boxes and keep things easy. I made a decision to try one out and after getting my hands on one, I can attest that boxes have been checked and I am happy to report that Indeflate has taken something that “just works” to another level.


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Max SheehanComment