Initial Product Review - Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT (1 of 2)


“When the time comes to replace the set, likely before the winter, I will be replacing them with their skinnier cousins the 255/80R17 S/T Maxx…. But the question of whether or not I will be purchasing a different tire has never come to mind.”

That is where I left off when I reviewed my trusty set of S/T Maxx tires. However, when the time came to replace the tires on the 4Runner, I decided it would be good to try a different set of tires that would potentially suit my needs to compare to the ones they would be replacing.

How can you know how good the tires you have grown to trust are without comparing them to something else? For the new rubber, I decided I wanted to stay in the Cooper Tire family.

They are made here in America and have a great reputation as a tire company, and ultimately my goal wasn’t to switch tire brands, just to try a different tire.

As much as I love spending time off the beaten path, ultimately I drive a lot of paved roads to get there.

This is pretty common for the weekend warrior here on the west coast, and it often leaves a dilemma in the minds of a tire buying off-road enthusiast.

How much off-road capability should you sacrifice for on-road behavior and durability? With the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT, hopefully not much.

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