Product Review - 1UP USA Quik Rack Single

Mountain bikes and 4×4’s go together like Toyotas and 10mm sockets. Sometimes the bike is an accessory to the 4×4, sometimes it’s the other way around.

Regardless of the situation, there is an important interface between the two that often goes unnoticed.

The bike rack. I had some specific requirements for my future bike rack, so I did some research that ultimately landed me with the 1UP USA Quik Rack Single.

I put my rack through the paces both on the road and on the trail to transport my bike to and from the riding location. When researching which rack to use, I needed a few criteria covered. It needed to provide easy access, allowing for the tailgate to open while in the stowed position.

It needed to be modular and able to expand from one to two bikes easily. It needed to be tough and trail worthy so that my mountain bike doesn’t become an obstacle for the vehicle behind me. And it needed to compliment the overall look of the 4Runner.

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Max Sheehan1 Comment